Parents, if they are not satisfied with the “traditional” school service, can use the parental school, so choosing and organizing a “tailor-made” school mode of their son/ daughter. Parental education is sanctioned by the current school regulations, such as by D. Lgs n. 297/1994 art.111 paragraph 2; D. Lgs n. 76/2005, art. 1 comma 4; D. Lgs n. 62/2017 art. 23 (for further information see [last consultation 16/09/2020]). Unfortunately, to date, in Italy, we do not know how many parents prefer parental training; however, they seem to have increased since the closure of schools, due to the health emergency. In Italy there would already be many associations or private who provide a homeschooling service (see here [last consultation 16/09/2020]).

If parental education offers the possibility to choose a teaching considered “better” than school, there is the risk that parents can entrust their children to unqualified staff or (perhaps worse) to experts who practice -exclusively- in everyday life another job.

In addition, private teachers contacted directly by parents could focus more on the cognitive side than the care and development of social skills, since, as appropriate, Pupils could experience the formative moment in solitude or in a small group.

The risk of biasing training only on content, neglecting sociality is stronger when there is a pupil with surplus equipment (gifted student). The pupil or the pupil tends to ask many questions that, of course, should be answered by the teacher, but at the same time it would be important to support the growth of sociality, giving the opportunity to play or otherwise relate to peers in times unstructured.

In this sense, parents who opt for parental education or homeschooling, so that pupils (all, including gifted) can develop both knowledge and sociality, could:

– contact qualified teachers (with qualifications and skills attesting to their role as teachers);
– to develop a project-based curriculum;
– adopt a cooperative approach, favouring group work;
– establish networks with the territory;
– to accompany parental training with an education geared towards autonomy and a sense of duty;
– enhance talents and teach how to share them in today’s (Italian) society.

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