The virtual camps, which began on August 24 and ended on September 12, 2020, led by me, were an unforgettable experience: to wander in knowledge, satisfying the curiosity of children and young people in a climate of well-being.

Altogether there were 5 camps: Scientifico A (with four 11-year-olds), Scientifico B (with two 10-year-olds), Scientifico kid (a 5-year-old girl), Scrittura creativa (with two 10-year-olds), Filosofia (a 10-year-old child).

The participants came from: Veneto, Marche, Lazio.

Once a week I met (at a distance) with the children to know them and understand their potential and their interests in the chosen area. The moment “in virtual presence” was also very useful to make new friends, many of the children continue to feel even after the camp, and for this I am very happy and satisfied. The mission in conducting the workshops is always to weave knowledge with relationships.

The contents were chosen directly by the participants themselves, as the goal of the camps was to fulfill those desires of knowledge, through a guide and peers interested in the same topics. During the course of the camp I adopted a teaching for discovery, to promote autonomy among the participants. I proposed to them reflections on how to select a source on the Net, precisely to help them in autonomous and conscious exploration.

The sources were also selected based on the age of the participants. My role has been to support research and encourage reflection, through the proposal of various points of view (this to encourage a conscious and critical thinking, in order to develop future “thinking” citizens). During the week I assigned, through the use of a learning platform, various activities that they could carry out independently, and then discuss together the results during the next meeting. Children also interacted at a distance, sharing materials and appreciating the work of others.

The following are the contents, divided by the different camps:

Scientific A

the brain while sleeping
to discover the heart
the pulsars (astronomy)
construction of a 3D puzzle
flowers and mathematics
sound propagation
a giant shrew
the extinction of the Dodo
Ario Titano: the biggest and smelliest flower

Scientific B

to discover the heart
the Bermuda Triangle
Animal Extinction and Minecraft
The submarine
A trip to the Mariana Trench

Scientific kid

egyptian astronomy
how to run the current (experiment)
the flotation (experiment)
magnetism (experiment)

Creative writing

cryptographic games
different points of view
invention of an ending
description and discussion of an abstract image


politics according to Plato
George Berkeley (existence and interpretation of objects)
Giordano Bruno (nature and science)

In conclusion, the virtual summer camps have allowed all participants to fulfill some desires of knowledge, to relate with some peers interested in the same topics, to establish new friendships. Most parents expressed satisfaction and said they wanted to repeat the experience.

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