“Stars on Earth”.

Yes, stars on our old land are the children and the boys we meet Dr Brazzolotto and myself. She in her qualified activity of enhancement of gifted boys and I as a teacher in a middle school in Padua and as educational counselor. We both share educational passion. Just such love made us meet a few years ago at a conference held by her with a colleague on gifted.

I was immediately struck by her preparation, incisiveness and clarity in presenting the difficulties and merits of these creatures. I had no doubts in asking her to help me and the teaching staff of my institute to get to know their constellations to begin to break down prejudices and stereotypes, to be able to start proposing a change of vision.

With the sensitive assent of the Director, we organized two fruitful meetings of formation in which participated several colleagues and colleagues.

From that moment on, our collaboration was strengthened to entrust to her a trusting one of my students gifted asinchronic that as a school we had not been able to value.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts they make, the school communities are at times deprived of professional and specialist resources that cooperate quickly to support families and young people with difficulties in a perspective of authentic inclusion.

This was the case in which Dr Brazzolotto was rescued to us, to the family and especially to the young star who with her light so “explosive” risked losing the school year and, perhaps, get lost. This was not the case, thanks to the collaboration between family, school and Dr Brazzolotto. The latter became a figure of momentum, renewing and coaching talents for the few months that were missing at the end of the year of the young. Who, with her, recovered motivational enthusiasm, also coordinating parents with sensitivity and firmness. In three months our star changed the love for knowledge, he who was ‘hungry’ to get to the exams as a private at another school and pass them with dignity. The family atmosphere, thanks to his presence, also benefited.

Each of them, like every boy, is a unique and original universe. It needs listening, empathic understanding and affectionate strength that an authoritative adult educator both caregiver and teacher, if prepared and trained but also accompanied in team, can give.

With Dr Brazzolotto, as adults, it does not feel lonely to laboriously approach the brightness of these stars. His competent passion infects, offers the theoretical and operational-practical coordinates to approach them. In the people who meet it, it heightens the belief that it is possible to sustain them in cognitive and emotional development without imploding them or becoming dangerously supernovae, so as to enjoy the light of their growth.

I wish many to experience