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“Luck does not exist: there is a moment when talent meets opportunity.”

Lucio Anneo Seneca

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“I first met Martina in 2014 at a gifted conference held at the University of Pavia. At the time, Martina was a teacher of the gifted and well-along in her advanced studies in the gifted education field. I was impressed by Martina’s curiosity, enthusiasm, and desire to learn more about new ideas and research findings in the USA and globally about what was happening in gifted education.”

Dr. Steven Pfeiffer - Professor Emeritus, Florida State University

“Martina Brazzolotto is very dedicated to improve the learning and living of gifted students. As a teacher and a researchers, she understands how difficult this is for teachers and her research is focused on that. With her books, her articles and her website, she strives to support teachers in their important work to improve the curriculum and school atmosphere for the most able students.”

Dr. Lianne Hoogeveen - ECHA (European Council High Ability) President, Nijmegen Netherlands Radboud University

Martina Brazzolotto is a professional educator, gifted, talented, and creative with a tremendous work ethic. She constantly pushes herself to accomplish goals and to make contributions to the field of gifted and talented education. It has been a joy having Martina as a member of our international research and writing Team. Martina has a pleasing personality, always submits her work ahead of time and stands ready to help others. I highly recommend Martina for any endeavor of her choice.

Dr. Joyce Miller

I marvel at Martina Brazzolotto’s passion to learn, teach, and research in the field of Gifted, Talented, and Creative Education! Her invitation to visit Italy during my sabbatical resulted in a productive collaboration based on commitment, respect, and vision. Anything Martina undertakes seems destined for success. It’s a great pleasure to partner with her through the Great Plains Center for Gifted Studies at Emporia State University in many projects. I wish Martina all good things as she energetically pursues her goals and dreams!

Dr. Connie Phelps - Professor of Elementary Education, Emporia State University

“Dr. Brazzolotto is a school professional who has enthusiasm, preparation and the will to work for children. Opening up to a world still little known like this will be immensely useful to many families and to many schools that need training. Its availability is very high and it is with this type of attitude that the Italian school will be able to progress and help more and more pupils with special educational needs.”

Valeria Fantino - School Director, IC Centro Storico Moncalieri

“I had the pleasure of supporting Martina during the realization of training courses for teachers and also on the occasion of pedagogical activities for children and teenagers. In both cases, I have been able to appreciate how open, helpful and extremely collaborative you are, and at the same time very well-prepared, rigorous and enthusiastic about your work and the pedagogical and human challenges you encounter.”

Vania Bovino

“I contacted Martina during the organization of an event and she immediately showed a lot of enthusiasm and participation; although we have different approaches to the enhancement of talents we quickly found common points for excellent collaborations.”

Dr. Silvia Pinzauti - Psychologist/Psychotherapist, President of the Association Talent Point

“I have known Martina for more than two years and besides being an excellent professional she is a person of great humanity. He follows my son weekly supporting his talents but above all helping him to understand, recognize and manage his great sensitivity and the complicated emotional sphere. Martina patiently follows him, making him reflect and stimulating his curiosity.”

Mother of a teenager with extra equipment

“Just discovered the surplus equipment of our son, as a result of school discomfort, luck made us know Martina who knew how to understand, enhance, stimulate and regain the self-esteem of our son; it was not wrong, it was simply not understood and Martina with her professionalism and competence was able to immediately get in tune with our son who returned the smile. Martina also contributed to the drafting of the personalized teaching plan in synergy with the school attended by my son. After the lockdown the support of Martina continued in online mode with satisfaction found by all of us. Thank you Martina!”

Mother of a child with extra equipment



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