When it comes to school, a world opens up whose complexity must be sought in many areas of life and history
Since the man came out of the caves and began to wander to survive, to pass from the condition of
quadruped bipedal, to transform his condition of nomadic to sedentary, has always walked. Man is always
been traveling. At first leaving the African continent, to explore the world, look for the best food, meet
other similar, in order to multiply.
The small tribe has become a big family, to get to the present day and enter into a process even more
complex called globalization.
Man has always been thirsty to learn, to discover, to seek answers to questions, to explore, to know, to
to elaborate the thoughts of others, to evaluate, but also to feel good, to laugh, to socialize, to share.
Deep and light at the same time, solitary at times, in search of the other and the right person to choose as
teacher or as a privileged companion in life.
In the profound being of man we must seek the equally profound motivation of being a school, of innovation
constant lived as a path.
The speech is much more complex, here reduced to a pure reflection that gives reason for why the school must be
innovative. It, therefore, innovation should not be sought in technology, medium and not end of life in 2020, it has
roots that penetrate the history of human thought. Without the desire for growth man would be stone,
boulder, vegetable, pure animal instinct.
Innovate for what? To live, because school educates to life and if life today is complex, the school must be able to offer
tools to address complexity. New technologies, new tools, tablets, computers, super colorful books,
multimedia content, state-of-the-art learning environments, science fiction libraries, teaching techniques
renewed, but the heart of teaching has always the same form and colour. It is the colour of fire,
the ignition of souls and souls, the transmission of passion towards constant growth. It never ends
Learning is a thirst that is never satisfied.
In this profound essence of man the raison d’être of the school must also be sought. A true, authentic school,
educational, transmissive only in its ability to transmit passion for knowledge.
The teacher also becomes an actor and protagonist as a seeker of knowledge. He becomes a guide only in the sense of
indicate the way to open other roads. Above all become master, magister, -magis, great and -ter, the “greatest”,
because “the most expert”, the point of reference. It does not carry with it the meaning of the one who shows you the way because the
We must look for a road independently and there are many roads.
He is the one who enlightens you, so that you, a student, may well see the right path for you, to discover its talents and its frailties,
to understand one’s own vocation.
With this vision the teacher can only be the creator of new lessons, you never get tired of not
to propose the same modalities, because – like the student – is looking for new knowledge. It becomes so credible,
despite weaknesses and shortcomings.
How? By accepting the interruptions, allowing you to stumble, turning the error into an occasion of growth,
creating opportunities for evaluation and reasoned self-evaluation, considering that in every performance there is always
something good and beautiful to grasp, discovering together the next step to improve.
Being innovators is nothing more than being teachers, reference points, conscious that even the disciple receives much
because it can open up – even and especially in difficulties – new roads.
Innovating does nothing but respond to a need of thirst to know, a need that does not correspond to the same
need demanded by the productive society that requires us to be equal, to run, to grow aimlessly,
that excludes those who have stops, those who are sick, in other words those who do not produce. Because innovation at school is also
slowing down, returning, imperfection and even empowerment, take your own path in hand.
The “Magister” therefore has the task not so much to guide, but to light, to be rather than to do, to seek
the individual rather than the mass. You feel, you touch the passion for knowledge, remains in time, in auditory memory and
visual, we remember the voice, the transmitted warmth, the feeling of well, the passionate observation. A perspective
different, upside down. The focus should therefore be shifted, the technology and modernity of teaching and pedagogical techniques,
useful learning tools, meet the needs of a changed world but the heart of teaching and
of learning is always the same.
by Loriana Pison

December 2020