The Virtual Summer Camp provides for the establishment of 3 working groups. Children/ teenagers, based on their interests, can choose between:

– Scientific field . Participants will be able to “fulfill” their desires of knowledge ranging from astronomy, biology, logic, botany, geology, etc.
– Philosophical sector . The activities will focus on everything related to human thought, from the ancient Greeks (e.g., through the analysis of myths), analyzing beliefs and values.
– Creative writing. The participants, based on their inclinations, can develop all their creativity in writing, ranging from fantasy to poetic composition, to cryptography.

The cost for the three weeks of activity is 100 euros each (80 euros for the brothers). The cost concerns the choice of a single camp (if you were interested in participating in two camps the cost is 170 euros and 200 euros for all three).

The activities will take place through the use of an e-learning platform (classroom). Each participant must possess an e-mail. Parents will be asked to sign a waiver to authorize the child/to use the email for Virtual Summer Camp activities.

The period will be from 24 August to 12 September 2020. It will be agreed with participants a meeting in “presence” at a distance (through meet), once a week, for an hour. During the week, participants will complete a project individually and/or in a group. They can use the classroom platform to interact.

Each group will consist of a maximum of 5 participants.

Yours truly will be the host of all virtual camps.

The deadline for registration is August 22. If interested, please request the registration form, where you will find all the info for payment. On August 24, an e-mail will be sent to all participants with the aim of agreeing a date and time for the first meeting.