October, 20 2022

Dear Parents,

during the last meeting (October 6, 2022), we agreed to hold monthly parenting support meetings to manage gifted children in the family (and in different contexts).
I propose two days of your choice:
1. Wednesday 9 November at 8.30 pm
2. Thursday 10 November at 8.30 pm
I thought two meetings, in such a way as to distribute you into two groups, so as to facilitate the exchange and allow everyone to share their experience.
The meeting is open to all those parents of gifted children who have already attended training courses giftedness, or who have already trained.
The meeting, lasting about an hour and a half, online, will be formulated as a Q&A session, that is, each parent can ask questions or share experiences and benefit from my advice and the experiences of other parents.
The cost is 20 euros for the single and 30 euros for the couple.


The link will be sent once registration is received.

Registrations will be closed on Monday 7 November.

P.S .: for new parents, I recommend registering in the newsletter that is at the end of the home page of my website https://didatticatalenti.com/, in order to stay constantly updated.

Thank you all

Warm regards

Martina Brazzolotto, Ph.D.

For clarification, write me martinabrazzolotto@gmail.com or at brazzolotto@didatticatalenti.com or whatsapp 3402237744.